2018 New Years Resolutions

Kim PhillipsLifestyle, Reiko

Can you believe that the New Year is in full swing? What are your new goals or resolutions for 2018?

My main resolution for the New Year is to watch my nutrition and eat better. One of my biggest weaknesses is treats, specifically peanut buster parfaits from Dairy Queen, Reeces, 5 cent candies, chips, okay…basically anything and everything. I have recently started meal prepping for the week. Being in this industry is a lot of go, go, go with not much spare time. Having my meals pre-made and portioned make it so much easier!

I am going to Thailand mid-February for a month with my boyfriend Mike, I am very motivated with my nutrition and workouts. In the past, I have been pretty consistent with my workout outs which I will continue to do, I have gone to the gym or hot yoga (@OxygenYogaCloverdale) 3-6 times a week. Recently, I signed up for the program Beach Body on Demand and I love it so far! It is a series of home workout videos which includes different programs and challenges. I am currently in a group with 70+ girls doing the “Shift Shop” challenge. It is so fun being in a group for the motivation and accountability, we send selfies in our group after each workout. I am feeling hopeful to see the results!

Let us know what your resolutions are if you have any. Kims resolution is less unnecessary screen time, and to eat healthier. Ashleys is to travel to a new destination. Sandi (who is our newest team member) is to work smarter not harder!



The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Improve your fitness

2. Eat better

3. Quit smoking

4. Quit drinking

5. Learn something new

6. Travel more

7. Volunteer

8. Meet someone

9. Sleep more

10. Get out of debt