Resources for Homeschooling your kids during Covid-19

Kim PhillipsCommunity, Lifestyle

If you caught our Instagram Live recently with Mrs. Warner (a Grade 3 surrey school teacher) then you know she has a passion for teaching, It undeniable! She was generous enough to share some of her go-to resources for “out of the box” learning opportunities. If you’re looking for some fun ways to get in some learning time then give these a try! Some of them don’t even require you (Yes! Mommy time!) 


Healthy Living

  • Taking a Breath Video
  • Mind Yeti  Mindfulness activities for Children and Adults
  • Cosmic Yoga Youtube Channel (Primary focus)
  • Go Noodle Exercise and Guided Dance videos
  • Nutrition and Food lessons to try at home
  • Heart Health
  • Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators – Do one of these lessons a day.
  • PE with Joe on Youtube workout video for kids.
  1. Workout Bingo (As a family create your own workout Bingo card. In each square put an exercise such as 15 jumping jacks, dance to 1 song, 10 push-ups, etc. Try to do all the exercises on the card over the course of a few days)
  2. Make a Gratitude Jar as a family (Find an empty jar and put in 1 or 2 things you are grateful for each day. Before bed or at the end of the week read what your family members wrote).
  3. Call a family member and interview them about how they are feeling at this time and what they have been up to at home.
  4. Talk about what it means to be present. What is mindfulness. Practice being present on a nature walk taking in all the sights, sounds, and smells.



  • Listen to famous stars read stories aloud
  • Download and print off games of basic sight words for your child’s grade level (Primary)
  • Listen to stories as a family or on your own
  • Even though the libraries are closed they still have lots of online resources available
  • Practice your Typing skills at
  • Listen to reading on the EPIC books website or audible!
  • Write and illustrate your own book or comic
  • Listen to books read by astronauts on the International Space Station
  • Sight word and beginner reading activities for kids
  • Do your kids love Dav Pilkey books? (Author of Dog Man and Captain Underpants series) He has published some fun activities here
  1. Read a book out loud to your stuffed animals or a family member. After you are done reading try to re-tell the story in your words.
  2. Make your own word search. (Write down 10 – 15 words you find in your book that are interesting. Then write them into a word search and have a family member try to complete it).
  3. Write a letter of gratitude to someone. (This could be a friend, family member, or to the Health care workers thanking them for their service and generosity at this time).



  • Which one doesn’t belong (Look at these puzzles with your family and try to figure out which number doesn’t belong and why -Intermediate)
  • Watch these videos and try to guess the amounts, Do it as a family or on your own.
  • Download these power points to your computer and estimate the amounts by following the clues on each slide.
  • Fun Math Activities you can do at home
  • Free Math apps (number line, 10 frames etc)
  1. Do a counting collection (Choose something in your home or outside for your collection (buttons, rice, cereal, beans, toothpicks, rocks, sticks etc.). Organize the objects into equal groups. See how many you have. Are there other ways to organize the items? Use Muffin tins or measuring cups. Try with different amounts).
  2. Use a deck of cards, or make your own cards up to the number 10, and play addition or subtraction war with a family member.
  3. Help your family cook by offering to measure the ingredients.


  • Greater Vancouver Zoo Videos about animals
  • Science videos
  • Guided Drawing videos Art Hub for kids on Youtube