Declutter Your Home With This Helpful Checklist!

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Thinking of downsizing?

A great place to start is decluttering your home. The Home Edit, Marie Kondo and other home organization influencers have encouraged us to only keep items in our home that inspire us and bring us joy. When you have a home full of a lifetime of possessions, the idea of sorting and getting rid of some of your belongings can feel overwhelming.

So what to do? We suggest starting to declutter well before you even start the moving process. Not only will this be less stressful, your home will also look so much more spacious and clean when you list it on the market. This allows you time to clear out belongings at your own pace and focus on eliminating items that neither add joy or value to your life.

PRO-TIP: Only keep items that you LOVE. This is especially true for clothes. Haven’t worn it in five years? #Gone!

We’ve put together a list of some of the easiest ways to reduce clutter in your home.

Some items to throw away, donate or re-home:
  • Old newspapers and magazines
  • Old movies and video games that no one watches
  • Old books that are no longer being read
  • Wrinkled wrapping paper, boxes, plastic shopping bags etc.
  • Worn footwear (Old runners, flip flops etc.) Only keep footwear that is in good shape that you wear regularly.
  • Return borrowed items to their owner
  • Clothing that hasn’t been worn for a year or more
  • Clothing that no longer fits
  • Linens that are worn or you no longer use
  • Towels that are worn or you no longer use
  • Chipped dishes
  • Old kids toys. Keep only select items with sentimental value
  • Expired soaps, shampoos, make up and other toiletries
  • Expired or Unidentifiable Medication
  • Unidentified frozen objects in your freezer
  • Expired pantry items
  • Old Chargers and Cables
  • Old paint (Be sure to dispose of it properly!)
  • Old craft supplies you’ll never use
  • Old plastic storage containers
  • Sporting equipment (A great thing to sell for extra cash for your move!)
  • Bikes that you no longer use
  • Christmas decorations that you no longer put up

PRO-TIP: Go room by room. Take a coffee break if you start to feel stressed.

Looking to get rid of a bunch of items quickly? Consider selling your larger ticket items on Facebook Marketplace. Normally we would recommend a garage sale or estate sale, however with the current public health situation, that may not be the safest option. Safely donating items to your community thrift shop and selling some items online is a great way to keep yourself safe and get rid of extra clutter quickly.

PRO-TIP: Only donate items that are in good shape and that you would see someone buying. Anything that is really worn or damaged should be thrown away.

These are just a few ways that you can start to declutter and get your home ready for your move. When you work with a professional real estate team, you’ll feel confident knowing that all your questions and concerns will be answered. So if you’re feeling anxious about this new life transition, give us a call! Our team is happy to work with you step-by-step on the sale and purchase of your new property.

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