Adding Cozy Holiday Accents to your Home

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This year, as we prepare to enjoy the winter season from home, we are extra inspired to fill our homes with joyful holiday decor. There is nothing like cozying up with a cup of tea and a book beside a glistening Christmas tree.

To gather inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, we headed out to West Coast Gardens in South Surrey to check out their newly installed Christmas displays. Packed with seasonal inspiration, their charming displays are both festive and elegant. Instead of going over the top, their displays offer up design themes that are classy and understated. Perfect for the modern West Coast home!

When planning out your winter decor, consider picking a theme and sticking with it. At West Coast Gardens, they have their displays spaced out by theme so you get an idea of how the decor works together. The key is choosing a family of colours and using that to guide your decorating. A pro-tip is to pick some items that you love and already have at home. Use those items as the foundation to build off of when shopping for fresh items to add to your space.

When it comes to your front porch, considering dressing up your holiday wreath with a simple ribbon stapled to the top of the door. This will add a touch of colour and also keep a modern look. Fresh planters filled with seasonal greenery will add holiday cheer to any outdoor space. 

To cozy up your indoor space, we recommend adding in some themed pillows that embody the spirit of the season. It’s best to choose pillows in different shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your living room and bedroom. Lush thrown blankets can also make any space feel more warm and inviting.

Candles are another delightful way to add in seasonal scents to your space. We love the candles from Wexford Candle Co. These locally made soy candles burn so nicely. Cinnamon Chai is our office favourite! If you enjoy scent in your space, K’Pure Room Sprays are also a great option. The almond cookie scent is to die for!

When planning out your Christmas tree and greenery garlands, refer back to your basic theme and colour palette. To decorate your tree, first start with the lights and then add the basic baubles around the tree. Once you have a base of lights and simple ornaments, you can begin to add in your more prized and ornate decorations. 

Make sure that the rest of your decorations reflect the essence of your overall theme, consistency is key when decorating for the holidays. Above all else, remember that no matter how you decorate your home, nothing makes a home more cosy then you and your family. The real magic of home is the people inside!


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