Spring & Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Kim PhillipsTips

Spring has arrived in the Lower Mainland! In fact, there have been days recently that feel like summer weather may be soon on the horizon. With sunnier days ahead, we’ve put together a helpful checklist for your Spring & Summer Home Maintenance.

The early days of spring are a great time to assess how last year’s maintenance work held up over the winter months. It’s also a great time to plan out what further work needs to be done this year. Don’t worry about accomplishing everything on the list right away, just choose a few priority items to tackle and go from there.

We hope you find this Home Maintenance Checklist helpful and informative. Soon your home will be all set for patio and BBQ season in the Fraser Valley!

Spring & Summer Home Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Do a deep clean of windows, screens and hardware. 
  2. Clean exterior surfaces and touch up paint where needed.
  3. Check around doors and windows for air and water leaks.
  4. Seal-off any new openings on the exterior of your patio or deck that could be an entry-point for small pests and insects.
  5. Check your crawl space check to ensure it’s dry and free of pests or mold.
  6. Check the foundation walls for cracks, leaks or any signs of moisture. Make repairs if needed.
  7. Fix or replace any broken parts of your fence or deck.
  8. Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms and replace batteries if needed.
  9. Check lightbulbs in the interior and exterior of your home and replace batteries if needed.
  10. Check indoor ceilings for any signs of mould or water stains.
  11. Check your roof for any cracked, broken or missing shingles. Hire a roofer to make any necessary repairs.
  12. Check your gutters and downspouts for debris, remove and ensure that water only flows away from the foundation of your home. Have a look for any loose joints and repair.
  13. Clean and/or repair any filters in your home. (Furnace, range-hood etc.)
  14. Reset your Irrigation/sprinkler systems in preparation for the warm weather.
  15. Get your lawn preparation ready and tidy up your yard.
  16. Plant some fresh flowers in your garden.
  17. Bring out patio furniture and wipe everything down. Wash cushion covers if needed.


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