Maximizing Your Laundry/Mudroom During Your Home Sale

Kim PhillipsHomeowner Hacks, Real Estate

When it comes to Fraser Valley Real Estate, we have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of what buyers are looking for in a home. In Surrey, Langley, Cloverdale and South Surrey, many potential buyers will be looking for a home that can accommodate the unique needs of a family. They are particularly looking for extra storage, pantries, closets and functional mixed use spaces.

Laundry rooms are often a top priority for buyers. In fact, during a 2019 survey of almost 4000 first-time home buyers, conducted by the National Association of Home Buyers (NAHB), it was noted that 91% of respondents said they want a laundry room in their new home. It’s easy to understand why, who doesn’t want the convenience that a laundry or mudroom provides?

In fact, in many cases, potential buyers are looking for a space that does more than just house the washer and dryer. Home buyers are often looking for a space that may have a laundry sink and extra storage space. If the laundry/mudroom features a door to the exterior of the home, this is a huge bonus for families and buyers with pets. Utilizing this space as a place to drop coats, shoes and more has become a popular concept in recent years. These multitasking rooms have become part mudroom, coat closet, laundry area and locker room.

If you’re considering selling your Fraser Valley home, you’ll want to think about showcasing the ways the laundry/mudroom can be used by potential buyers. Here are a few simple ways you can style and highlight your laundry/mudroom as a focal point of the home:

  1. Paint the space an inviting colour. We personally recommend choosing off-whites as lighter shades can make a space feel bigger. Our team often consults with the experts at Cloverdale Paint to get their advice on colour options for a particular space.
  2. Add hooks to tastefully demonstrate where coats could be hung and showcase an area where shoes could be stored.
  3. Include decorative storage baskets to hide clutter and show the functionality and accessibility of the storage areas in the space.
  4. Display laundry supplies in a visually appealing way with decorative storage. You can get stylish jars at the dollar store to use to store detergent, fabric softener and clothes pins.
  5. Emphasize linen storage by displaying a few items on storage shelves. Avoid cluttering up the space, less is more when it comes to staging.
  6. Accessorize laundry/mudroom with throw pillows, small plants or even a few pieces of artwork. This is a great opportunity to channel your inner Joanna Gaines! Just keep in mind, you only need a few accessories to enhance the space.


If you’re thinking of selling your home in the Lower Mainland and would like some advice on how to prepare it, our team of real estate experts in Langley, Surrey & Fraser Valley is available to help. We offer all of our clients a complimentary consultation on how to best prep their home for sale. We also provide our clients with printed guides to assist with the preparation stage and staging consultations during the listing process.

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