How Hot is the Langley Housing Market in 2021?

Kim PhillipsLangley House Market

Check out how hot is the Langley real estate market in 2021

British Columbia is one of the most desirable provinces to live. Through a year of living in and out of quarantine, proximity to the great outdoors has never felt more vital. With its combination of beautiful cityscapes, breathtaking nature, and high-quality living, the province’s West Coast charm invites many potential homeowners.

Now that the province is starting to open back up, the housing market is opening as well. In the aftermath of the first wave of Covid-19, the Vancouver housing sector boomed with property prices skyrocketing in the city. As such, many homeowners seek opportunities outside of BC’s main hub, to housing markets in surrounding areas. Suburban areas such as Langley offer all the benefits of the city with great nightlife, city parks, hiking, and local programs, and is becoming an increasingly popular place to live.

With its growing popularity, homeowners in and outside of the province are taking notice of Langley real estate, making this suburban housing market hotter than ever before.

Langley Housing Market Heating Up

Properties in Langley have been blowing up the market, making it one of the most desirable areas for real estate investors.

Earlier this year, a detached strata unit in a gated Langley community sold for $500,000 over the original asking price. This two-bed, two-bath single-level rancher had over 110 showings in five days with a record-breaking sale. I was one of the agents who happened to write an offer on this beautiful unit but wasn’t the winning bid!

Roughly three in four sales of Langley real estate are condominiums and townhouses. As BC is currently experiencing record low-interest rates for mortgages, potential buyers are taking notice.

There has been a lot of interest in Langley properties by local seniors looking to downsize their two and three-storey homes, while still living independently. Furthermore, after a year of being restricted to care homes, seniors are looking for a change in scenery and turning to the real estate in Langley.

Low interest rates combined with the aftermath of the pandemic are causing Langley real estate prices to increase in value. It’s a great time for investors to buy into the local housing market.

Where to Buy in Langley?

As Langley is becoming the hottest real estate market in BC, it’s important to explore what the different neighborhoods have to offer. Below are some of the hottest areas for homeowners in Langley. To explore developments in these sought-after neighborhoods, click here.

1. Willoughby

Willoughby is a highly desirable place to live. Its convenient location makes travel to neighboring communities a breeze and grants easy access to the major highways. This vibrant community with ample parks, restaurants, shops, and recreational activities, makes Willoughby a great place for singles and families alike. From townhomes to condos, to detached single-family homes, Willoughby is the hot spot of Langley. As Langley’s fastest-growing neighborhood, it’s a great market to invest in and offers the perks of upscale living and family feels.

2. Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove is a thoughtfully planned community that offers quick and easy commutes to surrounding areas. Its proximity to major highways has encouraged the growth of business in the area, attracting major shops, restaurants, and the largest movie theatre in the lower mainland. Walnut Grove’s state-of-the-art rec center is home to an Olympic-sized swimming pool and offers great indoor and outdoor activities for families. Single-family homes are hot on the market and make a great investment for growing families.

3. Langley City

Langley City is the heartbeat of Langley. This hotspot neighborhood offers city amenities with small-town feels. It’s a great spot for casual food and shopping and is bursting with community events year-round. One of the great perks of Langley City is its walkability. With beautiful parks and nature trails, Langley City is a great place to invest in real estate.

4. Brookswood

Brookswood is just south of Langley City and offers larger properties for bigger families. Brookswood’s quiet atmosphere possesses that true community feels where families can build a great life. This neighborhood is surrounded by nature: the tall trees, nature trails, and parks add charm to this budding area and make it an attractive area for real estate.

5. Murrayville

This neighborhood sits east of Langley City and is highly sought after on the real estate market. Bursting with independent local businesses, Murrayville has a unique charm and small-town safety. It offers proximity to the amenities of Langley City and surrounding areas, as well as the Langley Memorial Hospital, making it a great option for families and seniors.

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