Which Home Improvements Can You Bring to Your New Home?

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No doubt about it: homes are huge investments. And we’re not just talking about the house itself. The longer you live in a home, the more money you spend on various renovations and fixes. From upgrading your space to simply maintaining it, it’s a shame to leave all that behind when you choose to move. While some of these improvements may increase the market value of your home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could take some of them with you to your new house?

After spending the time and money meticulously sorting through fixtures and mouldings, you could save a lot of resources by bringing these with you. While you may need to clear it with your realtor and the new homeowners, it’s worth looking into. Here are some ideas of home improvements that can make the move with you to your new home:

Light Fixtures

Who wants to leave expensive light fixtures behind? While a crystal chandelier may seem like an obvious home improvement to bring along, many homeowners forget about the value their light fixtures hold. These pricey pieces make all the difference in a space. Check with your local realtors before packing these up, however, if the light fixtures aren’t integral to the cost of the home, why not tow them along?


One way to transform a space is through the small details. Knobs for your cabinets, closets, and doors can take your home from drab to fab in the blink of an eye. These miniature statement pieces are not only effective but expensive. Since you need so many throughout your space – especially when renovating an entire house – the cost of knobs adds up.

If you’re in love with the aesthetic your knobs deliver, don’t leave them behind. Simply unscrew and replace them with less expensive alternatives. For example, IKEA sells quality fixtures at a fraction of the price. Leave those behind and load your fancy knobs in the moving truck!

Bathroom Shower Heads

If you’ve experienced a lacklustre shower due to weak water pressure, you know the power a good shower head holds. From rain showers to turbo jets and aerating shower heads, these are worth keeping. Don’t take the risk of having mediocre showers in your new home or shelling out extra cash to replace them. Simply detach and pack.

Keep in mind, some luxury shower heads are more complex than others. Be sure to find out how to properly uninstall them beforehand to prevent damage. Or if you’re choosing to leave them behind, double check that your realtor included them in the value of your home.

Specialty Lightbulbs

LED lights are relatively standard these days, no longer holding the daunting price tag they once did. Therefore, it’s buyer’s choice if you want to bring these along for the ride, depending on how much you invested in them. However, if you’ve spent the money on specialty smart bulbs, such as Philips Hue lights, don’t forget to bring these beauties to your new home!

Ceiling Fans

While some standard ceiling fans may not be worth the hassle, luxury smart fans definitely are. Syncing with an app on your phone, some luxury fans cost upwards of $1,000 – a hefty investment piece to leave behind.


These fall in the same realm as ceiling fans and bulbs. Standard thermostats can be left behind, however, if you’ve invested in a smart thermostat, consider bringing them along. This appliance of the future is a home improvement you want to avoid repurchasing if possible.


If you’ve invested in big-ticket appliances, why not transfer them to your new home? Quality fridges, ovens, washers, and dryers are no cheap feat. While these may be included in the value of the home, it’s possible the new homeowners won’t mind you replacing certain appliances. Speak with your real estate team to see if you can transfer your favourite appliances to your new home.


If any of the above items are “move worthy,” we always suggest switching the items out prior to the photos being taken. Rather than dealing with the modifications after offers have been made, this makes the process much simpler. It’s also important to remember that some of these items increase your home’s value. Therefore, we can help you determine whether it’s worthwhile removing these items or not, based on your home’s price point.

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