Should I List My Home?

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If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, many questions and concerns may be swirling in your mind. While this idea of listing your home may be exciting, it can also be an overwhelming concept. You may be wondering, “Should I really sell my house?”

With all the great memories and family history in those walls, it’s natural to consider if moving is the right decision. Additionally, you may also be thinking about the daunting task of moving all the things you’ve collected and accumulated over the years. And with all that aside, you are probably also contemplating if it’s actually a smart time to sell in the ever-evolving Fraser Valley real estate market.

All of these thoughts and concerns are valid. Selling a home is an important decision and should never be made on a whim. As top Cloverdale realtors, we are familiar with this sense of uncertainty. And we are here to listen and advise to ensure you are making the right decision in selling your home.

Before you sell your home, here are some important things to consider…

Say YES To Selling If…

1.    You have positive equity

Do you have equity on your side? For most homeowners, the decision to sell comes down to this one, very important factor.

  • Firstly, have a look at your latest mortgage statement and your current mortgage balance.
  • Secondly, reach out to your banker or mortgage broker to discuss any fees or prepayment penalties that may arise should you choose to move. You may also want to see if your mortgage can be ported to your new home.
  • Thirdly, you will need to find out the current market value of your home. The most accurate way to determine the current value of your home is by consulting a team of experienced local realtors. At the Kim Phillips Real Estate Team, we are available to provide a free, no-obligation comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home. You can book an appointment HERE.
  • Now ideally with the help of your mortgage professional and realtor, you can determine if selling your home is a fiscally responsible decision. Keep in mind to retain additional funds to cover moving costs, closing costs, etc.

2.    You feel financially ready to buy

If you’re looking to sell, you’re most likely looking to buy as well. Before you do, you want to ensure you have the funds needed to make this type of purchase. This is the time to take an objective look at your finances to determine if now is a good time to buy Surrey, Cloverdale, or Langley real estate.

3.    You can afford a home that suits your lifestyle

Take a look at your current living situation and see where you want to upgrade or downsize. Will this new home accommodate your life over the next 5, 10, or 15 years? Can you afford a home that will grow as you do? If you’re unsure about what’s available, our team of top Cloverdale realtors can advise on the current state of the real estate market.

4.    You’re emotionally ready to sell

Great news: the numbers are adding up and financially, you’re in a great position to sell. While all good and well, it’s important to consider the emotional aspect of selling your home. Before the “For Sale” sign goes up in your front yard, ask yourself: “Am I really ready to sell my house?”

Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is my house ready for sale? (We can help you prepare your home to list)
  • Am I ready to show my home for the next few weeks or months?
  • Am I prepared to hear the reasons why people do not want to buy my home?
  • Can I handle the tough negotiations that come with home selling?
  • Am I ready to leave a place entangled with so many memories?

Work With Top Cloverdale Realtors

As your local realtors, the Kim Phillips Real Estate Team can draw a clear picture of what to expect when selling your home – financially and emotionally. We take it as our personal responsibility to guide you through the process and will always advise with your best interests at heart. No matter the complexity of your situation, we’re here to support you.