Moving & Packing Tips

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When it comes to moving and packing, things can seem very overwhelming but we are here to help! We wanted to compile a list of tips & tricks to help you guys make your moves as seamless as possible!  Start earlier than you think you need too. As soon as you know your moving date, start packing away a box … Read More

Home Organization 101

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I wouldn’t call myself the “Queen of Clean” but I’m your typical A-Type personality who loves everything to be organized and have a system. And now that spring has sprung we and we find ourselves spending more time at home I thought I would share some of my top home organization tips! First off, start small.   Don’t look around at … Read More

Preparing Your Home to Sell

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When you’ve decided to sell your home, each second that passes seems to bring another item to add to your already lengthy to-do list. On top of quick changes between being a home buyer and home seller, you spend hours sorting through article after article explaining how you can quickly sell your home for top dollar, in an unrealistic time … Read More

Clean your home on a Schedule

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We are one month into back to school time and so many of us are so busy – working, driving to activities, taking care of children, making it to social engagements, and spending time with our families. There is a lot to do! It can be hard to get everything done, especially cleaning your home. And no home can be … Read More

Staging Your Home For Sale: Entry + Kitchen

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Staging a home is essential in a hot real estate market – especially when the home is vacant. However, when a home is owner-occupied, there are still many things you can do to make your home look and feel perfect for when you take photos and the video, and have open houses or private showings. When you sell a home, … Read More

To-Do’s Before Listing your Home

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What to do before Listing your Home Fix the small stuff. We like to call it adding a bit of lipstick. Repair or replace broken/outdated hardware throughout your home. You can install new door handles, faucets, towel bars, and curtain rods – fixtures that are readily visible to homebuyers – rather inexpensively. Another quick way to update is to upgrade the lighting. … Read More

What to know about buying New Development

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Pros + Cons of Buying New Construction (plus a few tips) Investing in new construction can be rewarding and hurtful at the same time. Let’s compare the pros and cons of buying a brand new home. Pros Everything is brand new Clean, shiny, and trendy floor plans that have never been lived in is definitely an appealing factor compared  Picking exactly … Read More

Must Know Hacks for Hardwood Floors

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Fix dents with a wet cloth and an iron. It works on wood furniture, too! Via Apartment Therapy. Remove permanent marker from wood floors with a dab of toothpaste and a damp cloth. Via My Life and Kids Fix creaky wood floors with a generous dusting of baby powder. Work it into the cracks until the floor is no longer noisy. Via Real Living … Read More