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Have you ever been in a neighborhood and noticed two homes next to each other that are nearly exact replicas of one another? These residences are frequently called duplexes and row homes. Despite having a shared wall, each half is considered a semi-detached home. 

In recent years, there has been a high demand for row homes and duplexes because they are more cost-friendly and give the feeling of living in a home. We've seen a recent influx of individuals and families moving to Langley, and they are choosing the row home and duplex lifestyle. With the city's perfect balance of urban and natural surroundings, row homes and duplexes are selling fast. If you are looking to downsize, look for better prices for a home, or want a home located within the Willoughby Heights community, let us explain why you should buy one of Langley's newest row homes or duplexes.

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About Row Homes & Duplexes in Langley

Many individuals, especially first-time homeowners, overlook purchasing row homes or duplexes when examining their real estate possibilities. When making the decision to move, choosing a Langley row home or duplex might be the right choice for you.

Row Homes

Row homes are known for striking the right balance between luxury, convenience, and affordability. They comprise common compound walls designed to have a uniform appearance. Each unit has a defined front and back aperture and can share an interior wall with up to three additional units. In a row house configuration, the first and last apartments are usually bigger and more spacious than the ones in between. These homes appeal to individuals looking for a home that balances personal privacy and community involvement.

Advantages of Living in Row Homes

  • Affordability: This is one of the key benefits of purchasing a row home. Row homes are less expensive than detached homes in many Canadian cities, which might make them a desirable choice for first-time homeowners or those on a limited budget. They provide a luxurious appeal at an affordable cost.
  • Freedom: You can update your home, such as changing laminate flooring or renovating the bathroom, without approval, etc.
  • Low maintenance: You don't have to keep up with yard work because row homes require less maintenance than separate residences. Row homes require less outside care because they share common walls. Furthermore, many row home complexes have shared amenities like a pool or beautifully landscaped grounds, which might lessen your maintenance duties.
  • Location: Row homes are typically in more walkable neighborhoods (like Willoughby Heights and the Willoughby town center) close to amenities, shops, family-friendly parks, and schools.
  • Community: Since row homes frequently sit in a row, they can foster a strong neighborhood feeling among residents. Those who are eager to connect with like-minded neighbors or who are new to the region may find this to be particularly appealing.
  • No Strata Fees: This can depend on what row home you purchase, but there are many non-strata row homes. This can benefit individuals who don't want to be a part of a strata corporation and pay monthly strata fees.


Duplexes provide a middle ground between row homes and single-family homes. Like row homes, duplexes are attached to one another with a common wall. Both homes have separate entrances but are still attached.

Advantages of Living in Duplexes

  • Affordability: One of the most significant advantages of living in a duplex is the price. Duplexes typically offer the same excellent quality, room, and features as any single-family home but at a lower cost. 
  • More Space and Features: Duplexes are with family at the core—where you can gather in your kitchen, unwind on your front porch and play in your backyard. They are designed with spacious interiors and exteriors with attached balconies. While most have garages attached some do have a detached garage.
  • Environmental Advantages: Since you share a common wall with your neighbor, heating and cooling costs are divided between both homes. This is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 
  • Multi-generational Family Home: Duplexes can be great options for joint family systems as you get to live together and maintain independence.
  • No Strata Fees: This can depend on what duplex you purchase, but there are many non-strata duplexes. This can benefit individuals who don't want to be a part of a strata corporation and pay monthly strata fees.

If you're in the market for a new home or have any questions about row homes or duplexes, contact the Phillips and Munro Real Estate Team. We're happy to answer any of your questions.

If you have any questions about row homes and duplexes in Langley, please feel free to reach out to our Langley realtors!