Home Organization 101

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I wouldn’t call myself the “Queen of Clean” but I’m your typical A-Type personality who loves everything to be organized and have a system. And now that spring has sprung we and we find ourselves spending more time at home I thought I would share some of my top home organization tips!

First off, start small.


Don’t look around at all the toys, boxes and nick-nacks and get overwhelmed. It’s much easier to break it down by room, closet or even drawer. We all have that dreaded drawer that we shove papers into hoping they just disappear.

Have a system.


I love the Keep, Donate, Toss method. Don’t get hung up on where you will donate the items, just start by setting aside 3 bins. Check expiration dates, ask yourself “When was the last time I used this?”, “Would some else get more enjoyment from this?”. A lot of people hang on to things that someone gave them as a gift out of guilt but have no intention of using it…don’t. Give it to someone else who will actually use or enjoy it.
It’s time to get down and dirty. Turn on the music and get in the flow of things…Seriously go…Get sorting! 
Now you should have 3 piles. Toss, Donate & Keep. 

Put away everything that you plan to keep.


This is also a great time to wipe/vacuum out drawers and shelves. Don’t forget to wipe down the items before you put them back as well. Use little organizers to gather up odds and ends. The Dollar store is a perfect place to get little baskets and containers (remember it doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy…It just has to be functional). Give everything a home so it’s easy to stay organized when you’re in a rush in the future.

Tackle the donation bin.


I like to separate this pile 3 ways…. Donation, Gift & Sell. With the popularity and ease of Facebook Market place, it’s a breeze to sell all your junk! After all, one man’s trash can be another man’s gold…or at least their problem now. You can also reach out to friends or family with a picture of anything you thought they might like/use. Take pictures of all the things you plan to sell (take measurements if they require that also now). Post your items for sale or save that for another day if you feel overwhelmed (the key is to do this step as soon as possible or that box will sit and collect dust).

Does it spark joy? Marie Kondo that stuff and wish it well. 


Drive and drop off the rest to your local thrift or non-profit store. If you can’t do that today then at least put everything in your car now. If you don’t you’ll be tempted to rummage through and everything will slowly make it’s way back into your home.



Done! You are now so fresh, so clean…easy-breezy. Doesn’t it feel so good?! Sit back and pour yourself that glass of wine…You earned it!
I’ve linked some of the organizers I use in my home in case you need a few ideas.
Happy cleaning!
-Rachel 🙂
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