How to Renovate a Bedroom Into Your Dream Primary Suite

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Do you want a perfectly crafted, completely customized oasis at the core of your home? Do you dream of having a spa-retreat to escape to after a long day of enduring the hustle and bustle of modern living? All can be yours with a thoughtfully planned renovation to your primary bedroom.

As top Cloverdale realtors, we’re no strangers to luxury living. And we’re here to tell you that attaining this private in-home getaway is not out of reach. All you need to do is combine the elements that bring you peace, tranquility, and ambiance to create a primary suite you look forward to coming home to. It’s what you deserve!

When embarking upon home renovations, planning is everything. To help get you started, here are some key ideas to consider throughout your brainstorming process:

What is a Primary Bedroom?

A primary bedroom – or primary suite – is the home’s main bedroom that typically includes an adjoining bathroom. It’s usually the largest room in the house, with the bathroom featuring luxury elements such as a soaker tub, double vanity, and more.

If you have an existing bedroom that’s functional but underwhelming, a primary suite renovation could be in order. Whether it’s switching out your carpets with new hardwood floors or adding an accent wall and incorporating a beautiful colour scheme, you can fully revamp your current bedroom.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an existing primary bedroom, you can add one to your home. It’s a bit more extensive of a project but is certainly doable. It’s also a great way to fully customize your space from the ground up.

Ways to Create a Primary Bedroom

1.     Evaluate Your Space

What’s the layout of your bedroom currently? It’s important to consider the elements you have to work with and the ways in which you can manipulate them to better serve you. For example, many homeowners get overwhelmed by the limitations of their floorplan. However, everything is modifiable, even a building structure. You could tear down walls to create more space, close off existing bathrooms and connect them to the primary suite, or a number of other things to better use the space you already have.

2.     Connect a Bathroom to an Existing Room

To avoid overspending, it would be ideal to convert existing rooms rather than building brand new space. For example, if you have a game room or an office that’s in proximity to a bathroom, you could connect the rooms and use that as your primary bedroom. The remodeling is simple when you don’t need to install a new foundation, walls, and plumbing.

3.     Transform a Room into a Primary Bed and Bath

When planning, it’s important to consider these three major design elements: comfort, privacy, and functionality. With this, you can think outside of the box and consider converting non-typical spaces into a primary bedroom. For example, say you have a large dining room on the main level that’s spacious, gets beautiful lighting, and is underutilized. You could build out a bedroom with an attached bathroom and have a main-level primary suite.

Or if you can’t live without that spare dining room, there’s always garages, attics, and basements to consider. Unconventional? Perhaps. But when planned and executed properly, any room that has a foundation and existing walls can function as a luxurious, dream-like primary bedroom.

4.     Build an Addition to Incorporate a Primary Bedroom

If you’re stuck for space, there’s always the option of an add-on. Here are two popular ways to go about it:

  • Backyard or Side Property. Expand your main level into your yard to build the primary bedroom of your dreams. Yes, it’s slightly more extensive than renovating an existing room, however, it does give you full creative licensing. You’ll need to add the foundation, exterior walls, insulation, plumbing, and electrical, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re chilling in your custom suite.
  • 2nd Story. Whether it’s by adding another layer to your single-story home or built atop your garage, you can save horizontal space by building into the sky. This may call for a reroof but if you want additional space, adding a 2nd story is a great way to go about it.

5.     Call Our Top Cloverdale Realtors

If the idea of renovating sounds too extensive, but you still long for a premium primary bedroom, it may be time to explore the real estate market. As Cloverdale realtors, we know what the Fraser Valley has to offer. If a beautifully constructed primary bedroom with a built-in spa oasis is your dream, our realtors can help you find it. Because when it comes to buying your ideal home, we don’t think you should have to compromise. To have the top Cloverdale realtors work for you, reach out to the Kim Phillips Real Estate Team today!